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Disclaimer: Covid India Initiative (“CvII”) is a platform for a group of volunteers who have come together, as a temporary task force, to support India in its fight against the Corona Virus (“Covid19”). CvII volunteers connect, mobilize, and provide support to all governmental and non-governmental stakeholders involved in the fight against Covid19 through any means such as advocacy, facilitation and resource augmentation support.  All actions of CvII volunteers are in individual capacity. While CvII volunteers provide such support with bonafide intentions, any individual/body/agency receiving any such support from CvII volunteers is advised to conduct its own due diligence on the parties introduced/products/services supplied or facilitated by CvII volunteers and satisfy themselves of fitment for use and association before receiving any such support.


As a person/entity/body (whether registered or unregistered) that may tie up with, or partner with any CvII volunteer(s), or may benefit from activities of CvII volunteer(s), you understand and agree that CvII

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Covid India Initiative (“CvII”) shall strive to provide only such information which is right to the best of their awareness and belief. However, CvII does not hold itself responsible for any inexactness of facts or information provided. Any accountabilities arising out of any act or omission by a visitor or volunteer, by depending on or making use of the information offered here, shall be completely to the account of such visitor or volunteer. By accessing this website, being part of any CvII groups or dealing with any CvII volunteers or any other direct or indirect dealing with CvII you agree to our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.